Hi there – about the frequently asked questions:

Most of the time your questions can be answered here.  If not, please check out the Cage Club Forums and if you still have not found the answer you were looking for – please use the ‘Contact us‘ page to drop us a line ^_^.  We are more than happy to answer your questions.

Check out the link  below for help with posting content as a content contributor.:
How to Post Content & Articles to TheCageClub.com?

For posting rules on our Facebook Group/Page/Website and Forum check here.

Membership fees are funds contributed by members of TheCageClub.com that are used to help keep the ‘Club’ running. Recently we’ve done upgrades to TheCageClub.com, relocated The C.A.G.E. store and added upgrades to the current shop space such as better games, better play areas etc.  As it costs money to manage and maintain the store and online community space we charge as monthly fee of $12.00 to assist with its upkeep.

Club membership can meet your needs on 3 levels:

1- Monthly pass/30 days @ $12.00
2- Weekly pass/7 days @ $3.50
3- Day pass/1 day @ $1.00*

* Saturday day pass is @ $2.50


The process for paying for membership is very simple!  The C.A.G.E. Club offers two  payment options.  One, membership can be paid by online payment through ‘My Cage Shop‘  or by in-store payment.

To use the in-store payment option you would need to visit The Cage Store  in Nassau (Bahamas) where you can pay for your membership in person.

For more information about The Cage Store and for directions to get there please click here.


To post/list an event is simple can be done in two ways:

First you can email details of an event you wish to have listed to admin(at)thecageclub(dot)com being sure to say every thing you want such as dates, times, and contact persons.

Second once registered request that  your account be upgraded to a contributor.  Then log in to your dashboard and follow these simple steps below:

1.Go to the Calendar in the side bar then select Calendar again from the options.



















2.  Select the date(s) of the event.









3. Fill in details of the event.


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