About The C.A.G.E. Club

Here in Nassau, The Bahamas, there is an Otaku Haven called The C.A.G.E. Club & Store – it is a Japanese (and other East Asian inspired) Otaku Entertainment & Hobby Club and Store.

For the better part of 4 years we have been bringing Otaku from all over the country together… Stop! Think about that for a second. That’s a powerful thing! Our love and fandom of Japan + Japanese Culture, anime, Manga, Video Games, Art, Writing, film making, Acting, and Music Producing are just a few other focus points of (yours and my) Club. Because it was much easier for folks to relate to Anime & Video games over the years we’ve come to be labeled as ‘a game store’ but we really are much more than that.

Our club has a Jr. C.A.G.E. club situated in Queen’s College High School.

We cater to Bahamian Otaku in various ways: Offering a place where you can find network, support, comfort and a haven for just being who you are. We sell Asian sweets like Japanese specialty cookies and candies, Manga and Anime accessories, Bento boxes, J-Pop, K-pop, music VCDs etc., Anime Series, Asian Dramas, Alternative couture – Lolita, Gothic and Visual Kei) just to name a few.

The shop was created for Otaku by Otaku! Are areas of service are expanding as needs arise within our community. When in doubt, Ask – you’ll be surprised what we can offer you!

Support YOUR Cards, Anime, Games & East Asian Entertainment Community. Sign up onwww.thecageclub.com!

The Concept
For the first time in The Bahamas comes a place for Trading Card, Anime & Manga, Gaming and East Asian Entertainment lovers. We are an Otaku Club where you’re wholeheartedly welcomed home! We mean it when we greet you in Japanese with an “Okaeri” which translate to “welcome home”. Come and join in on the Revolution that is shifting tectonic plates – The C.A.G.E. Club and be among people like yourselves.

The C.A.G.E. Club features a Hobby Store & Hangout called The C.A.G.E. Store. The environment includes a section for Trading Card and Game Tournaments a one-of-a-kind hangout – and a shop area exclusively selling your favorite Anime Merchandise: Full Metal Alchemist Pocket Watches, Akatsuki Cloaks, Final Fantasy and Anime related Swords, One Piece and other Anime Figurines, Gundam Model Kits, Japanese sweets and treats: Dango, Onigiri, Pocky,Hello Panda, Mochi, Ramume etc., Bento Boxes and Bento making accessories, Sushi & Saki sets & Accessories, Comics and Manga, Lolita & Gothic attire, Trading Cards, Japanese Release Video Games, Studded goth & emo wrist bands and Punk jewelry, Anime Posters, Asian Band and Musician Posters & DVD’s and CD’s just to name a few.

The Fun
Yearly we host competitions for Writers, Artist, TCG Players, Video Gamers and new to The Bahamas – Cosplaying (Dressing as Anime and Game Characters). Sushi outings, Sports Days, and Girls’ Day out.

The Prizes
Win Trips to Game, Anime & Comic Conventions, Video Games, or an Online Web-Comic Space (see www.banhuarevolver.com) and support to become a headliner in a growing Manga, Anime and Game Industry through out The Bahamas and well as internationally.

Some of Our Goals
To Produce a Company in which Anime Enthusiast, Game Designers, Artists/Mangaka, and Writers flourish and enjoy the benefits of International Networking!
Attend Anime, Game and other related Conventions! Travel together as a group to places like Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; and Hong Kong, China and attend Asian music Concerts !

What can you do?
Sign up and become a member of The C.A.G.E. club at www.thecageclub.com. To become a new member you can register here!
Its that easy! Once signed up,you choose to attend local meetings and become apart of a Revolution. To learn more contact us at 393-4652 or at cage@thecageclub.com.

The C.A.G.E. Club & Store is located on the intersection of Prince Charles Dr. & Solider Road in the 3 story yellow building right next to Restview Memorial.

OUR ONLINE SHOP IS COMING SOON! When functional we’ll sell everything in store online and offer shipping to EVERYWHERE in The Bahamas and rest of world. Check outwww.mycageshop.com for updates ^^ Otaku’s Unite!

 Okaeri mina-san (Welcome Home!) 

The C.A.G.E. Club & Store














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