Gothic Lolita

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Gothic Lolita or Goth-loli is a mix of both Gothic and Lolita styles. This sub style of Lolita fashion originated in the late 1990’s. Gothic lolita is a bit more open to shorter skirts and dresses, which is not usually in lolita fashion, due to its modest in styling. A “Goth-loli” is know be her dark clothing and makeup. The prints are usually roses, crosses, skulls, bats, cats, spiders, black birds, and cemeteries. The most common colors that Gothic lolitas wear are of course black and the color white mixed with black and other dark colors such as purple, blue, red and gray.

Being a lover of all things black, one might wonder how to pull off Gothic Lolita in our Caribbean heat. For starters, you can have your parasol or umbrella with you at all times to block out the sun’s rays. Along with this, a hand fan, (as I have found) is necessary in our counties humid weather.  Wearing short sleeve or sleeveless dresses or tops are a good choice and if you can, find a potable electrical fan, this would help in our 90-100+degree heat.

As with every lolita outfit, you should keep with the bell shape form of the lolita style. You can however, wear long dresses or skirts and pants but then you would be classed/considered as Elegant Gothic Lolita, due to the length. Added accessories like crosses, pearls, metal chains, coffins, cobwebs, snakes, and dark old fashioned 19 century style shades add to the look. This sub style of lolita, I think, can be more wearable, as many of the pieces can be brought from locale stores in our country. So, if this sub-style interests you then feel free to explore with it and I hope to see more Goth-lolis around too!!!

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The first lolita in the Bahamas. I love anime, manga, asian snacks and sweets, Japanese street fashion (lolita, Hime, Fairy Kie ect.) Love video games (sadly I need to by a game console and pratice, been out of the game for 10 years) Drawing, painting, Vblogging on Youtube and blogging.

2 Responses to “Gothic Lolita”

  1. bahamasxjapan says:

    My absolute favorite lolita style of them all. I love this article you have comprised of it <3 <3 I love some of the items shown in this article too!!

  2. sleepingmiracle says:

    As a Lolita now living in Grenada, I found this article very helpful! Thanks!

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